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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Legal Invoices for the City of Beech Grove. Compare the Past to Present

Update 8/15/13
Here is a list of all the Attorneys the Mayor is paying with our money.

Make the call yourself if you think that this number isn't true.
City of Greenwood Legal - $125,000.00
City of Carmel Legal - $125,000.00
City of Beech Grove - add it up, over $125,000.00
I will have a final total for you January 2014 if Craig Wiley would start sending the City invoices again.

Springer Law Group - Prosecutor $230.00 an hour
Sonya Brown - BZA/Fire Merit Board - Campaign Manager
Carol Sparks Drake - Main Street Loans/Real Estate
Heather James - RDC - Free so far per Joe Griffin
Ice Miller - City Attorney Fill in
Craig Wiley - hasn't turned in a bill since April of this year.  Campaign Manager's son.

The first document is the list of the amounts that were charged to the City of Beech Grove by Brian Bosma's Law firm under Mayors Wright and Dilk.
This document is the Bar Association's Code of Conduct

These documents are the new Prosecutor hired by the Mayor

These documents are the City Attorney Invoices from November 2012 thru April 2013.  The other invoices are posted on the blog for the previous time periods.

These documents are Ice Miller both RDC and City matters also the request.


Kevin Roessler said...

264,094 page views at time of posting.

Anonymous said...

Since the clerk is so busy shutting down farmers markets and protecting the city from the administration I thought I would help with the minutes from last nights council meeting.

Mayor Buckley called the meeting to order then he lied, asked council to introduce themselves, then he lied again.
Had clerk read all kind of crap, Ed Bell cleared his throat, cleared it again, and one more time, then mumbled something no one could understand. John Jennings announced that Joe Wright was not a crook, Dave Mobley said we should be more progressive with our businesses on Main Street like they are on near east side of Washington street. The fire department asked for more cash, and a new toy then they lied about why. Mayor Buckley lied, once, twice three times, then the RDC candidate was voted on, some jackass abstained, Anthony Davidson jumped up and told the audience to wave your arms in the air like you just don't care, the Mayor lied again, Mary Stewart said she was just happy to be here, she wish she knew as much about what's going on as the people in the audience did, and she loves her Grandchildren.
Mayor lied, meeting closed.

Dave Grenoble said...

I just got off the phone with a Sr. V.P. at Franciscan Alliance (St Francis) who called me back to discuss an email I sent regarding the sale of St Francis BG.
She had talked with the president to make sure of the status before she called me.
At this time there is no sale or deal for the St Francis property Beech Grove, they are however in talks with a demolition company to purchase the property who will bring down the buildings and redevelop the property. They are working with this company in Lafayette on one of their properties there. The demolition company dida walk through St Francis last Wednesday, but no agreement has been reached and she wouldn't think any permits would be purchased until everything is settled. They are exchanging emails and will talk tomorrow but at this time no deals are currently on the table.

Hope this clears a few things up
Dave Grenoble

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Mayor is paying Brian Bosma money for a nobody prosecutor. What makes this guy worth 230.00 an hour? Looks like he charges us every time he thinks about Beech Grove.

No wonder the Mayor took down his websites with the campaign promises. Kevin, do you have a copy of any of those lies he told when he screwed you into helping him elected?

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for your ONE sided opinion. I'm sure everyone appreciates your mayor bashing rant.
As for Mary Stewart...happy to hear that she was there. She's a great woman. As well as all her kids & grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Kevin you probably already know this but just in case

Have a good day my friend,


Anonymous said...

Yea DA, Mary Stewart was NOT at the last council meeting. LOL shows how true this site is. Just say anything and you hope people will believe it.

Anonymous said...

I remember Buckley specifically making attorney expenses an issue during the campaign. Now he is spending more than Wright?!? Wow, what a disappointment.